Tips for Recruiting during challenging times

Finding the right talent for your team is difficult at the best of times, but when times are tough (like they currently are during covid-19) it makes it just a little bit more difficult. But the most difficult of times can actually be a great opportunity to find some really top talent that usually isn’t […]

Essential Tips for your IT Contractor CV

The perfect CV will give a huge boost to your chances of being shortlisted and getting the job. However, writing the perfect CV that stands out from the crowd can be extremely difficult. To make things even more difficult, when applying for contract roles your CV will differ to that of a permanent position. In […]

Tips to stay productive when working from home

Due to the current circumstances regarding the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many businesses have now switched to remote working. For many businesses, this may be the first time introducing full remote working throughout the whole business, but being able to trust your employers and allow them to have more control can lead to huge benefits for […]


Clearing up the WAN vs LAN confusion Feeling a little lost when it comes to the difference between LAN vs WAN? You’re not alone. While there are definite overlaps between the two, it’s important to understand the real meaning behind them – especially since most of us use them every day, whether we know it […]

FREE IT Salary Survey 2020

Dynamic Search Solutions is a leading IT Recruitment Agency, that provides executive search solutions across the UK and throughout Europe. We are specialists in many aspects of the IT industry; Networks, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud and more. Focusing on both Permanent staff and Contractors. This Survey will provide an insight into the tech industry and […]

6 Essential Questions for a Recruitment Agency

People hate recruitment agencies. Business owners and hiring managers in the UK may be reluctant to work with a professional recruitment consultant because they’ve either; Had a bad experience with one in the past, or Heard a rumour that all recruiters are awful If you’re in charge of hiring at your company and you’ve been […]

The Dos & Don’ts of a Tech Job Interview from the Experts

Jump to: Before the interview During the interview After the interview Twitter’s tips What not to do Contact Dynamic Sweaty palms and a last-minute rush to the toilet are normal before an interview – no matter how many you’ve attended throughout the course of your career. In an IT or technical interview where it’s important […]