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The Most Important Soft Skills For Your Career in 2023

Soft skills are all too often overlooked when people consider how to upskill. People first think about what certifications they need to earn, what courses to take, what new technology to learn… But soft skills can be just as important for your career and when searching for a new job. In fact, a LinkedIn’s Global […]

How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter in 2023

A well-written cover letter can be the make or break for your job application. And given how competitive the job market in the UK is at the moment, every advantage you have over your competitors can be crucial. Before you even think about how to write the perfect cover letter, you need a well-written CV […]

How To Write a CV: IT CV Examples and Tips

Here at Dynamic we’ve seen thousands of IT CVs. And we see the same CV mistakes again and again. We offer all the candidates we work with advice on what to include in their CV, how to include it, and exactly what hiring managers want to see.  The way in which recruitment and hiring work […]