Career Tips

How to write a resignation letter

When leaving your current job, you may be required to hand in a resignation letter. Whether or not it is required, it is professional and courteous therefore should be done. However, a lot of people feel uneasy about this, and others are also left confused about how to write a resignation letter. In this blog, […]

How to use LinkedIn to find your next job

With over 700 million users globally, including recruiters and potential employers, LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for you to find your dream job. But this is only possible if you put the effort in to create a profile that stands out. Whether you’re creating a brand-new profile from scratch or updating your existing account, it’s […]

4 Important questions your CV must answer

Many job adverts attract tons of applications. So, what is it that will make your CV stand out from the rest? Your CV is your own personal pitch, an opportunity to answer all the questions that the hiring managers have about you. How well you answer their questions, will have a huge impact on whether […]

Six things to consider when you receive a counter offer

Companies always want to hold onto their top employees, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your resignation letter is followed by a counter offer. It can be quite flattering that your employer thinks so highly of you, and it is often quite common for the employers to try and convince staff to stay […]

Tips for starting your new job remotely

If you’ve recently accepted a new job offer, the likelihood is that you will be starting your new job remotely. It’s important to understand that the onboarding process is going to be a little bit different from the usual process if you were in the office.   STARTING A NEW JOB REMOTELY VS THE OFFICE […]

How to adhere to IR35: 10 simple tips

With the controversial tax change IR35 being delayed to 2021, contractor/freelancer and businesses that hire them now have time to take steps to adhere to IR35 ruling.   What is IR35? IR35 (off-payroll working) is being implemented to prevent limited company contractors from avoiding tax when they are really employees. For example, if a sole […]

Essential Tips for your IT Contractor CV

The perfect CV will give a huge boost to your chances of being shortlisted and getting the job. However, writing the perfect CV that stands out from the crowd can be extremely difficult. To make things even more difficult, when applying for contract roles your CV will differ to that of a permanent position. In […]

Tips to stay productive when working from home

Due to the current circumstances regarding the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many businesses have now switched to remote working. For many businesses, this may be the first time introducing full remote working throughout the whole business, but being able to trust your employers and allow them to have more control can lead to huge benefits for […]


Clearing up the WAN vs LAN confusion Feeling a little lost when it comes to the difference between LAN vs WAN? You’re not alone. While there are definite overlaps between the two, it’s important to understand the real meaning behind them – especially since most of us use them every day, whether we know it […]