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The Best Cyber Security Certifications for Your Career in 2024

The cyber security sector is continuing to grow, with a report from GOV.UK showing a 10% (5,300) increase in employees in the cyber security sector, in the past 12 months in the UK alone. Meaning that cyber security professionals are in more demand than ever. But to get these jobs, you’re going to need certification […]

The Secret to Crushing Your Job Interview Presentation

During your job search and as a part of your interview process, it’s not uncommon to have to give an interview presentation.  Here at Dynamic, the professionals we help with their job search regularly give interview presentations. And we offer support throughout this process: From helping them to understand what the interviewer is looking for […]

Fixed Term Contracts: Everything You Need to Know

This article is for employees looking for information about fixed term contracts. For employers looking for information about fixed term contracts for their business, see our article here. When looking for a new role, it can be worth considering a fixed term contract over permanent employment. A fixed term contract can offer you experience in […]

How Do Recruitment Agencies Make Money?

Whether you’re considering working with a recruitment agency to find your next role, or if you’re a business looking to hire a new member of your team, you may be wondering how recruitment agencies make money. After all, recruitment and hiring isn’t cheap: It costs time, money, effort, and company resources. So what fees do […]

Exit Interview Questions You Can Expect in 2023

Exit interviews are a useful tool and a commonly used one by businesses and employers to gain feedback from you: To discover what you liked and disliked about your employment.  Typically, this feedback is used to retain employees and reduce employee turnover moving forward with the business. Although they are sometimes used to give counter […]

AI Tools That Can Help You in Your Job Search

Businesses are increasingly using AI tools such as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS systems) that scan and filter applicants CVs. As well as AI interview software, that scans video applications for interviewers and grades them based on set criteria. But we think that you should have the opportunity to use AI tools to help you in […]

35+ Killer Questions To Ask in an Interview in 2023

If you’re looking for questions to ask in an interview then look no further. We’ve put together a list of killer interview questions that cover all your bases, as well as plenty more questions to choose from if you need to. Because answering the questions you are asked correctly is obviously important, but it’s not […]

The Most Important Soft Skills For Your Career in 2023

Soft skills are all too often overlooked when people consider how to upskill. People first think about what certifications they need to earn, what courses to take, what new technology to learn… But soft skills can be just as important for your career and when searching for a new job. In fact, a LinkedIn’s Global […]

12 Interview Body Language Tips

Is your body language in your interview something that you think about? Probably not. And it’s no surprise. Because when you’re preparing for an interview, the first things you generally think of are the possible interview questions you’ll have to answer or preparing for any tasks you have to complete in the process. But your […]