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How to Improve your IT Businesses Employee Onboarding Process

An established employee onboarding process is crucial to the success of your business. Without one, you can find yourselves struggling to maintain your employee headcount, and you can forget about growing sustainably all together. In fact, a bad onboarding process can cost your business between 90% and 200% of the new employee’s salary. For example […]

How to Write an Effective Job Description

With how competitive the job market is, how to write a compelling job description that attracts the right candidates has never been more important. A good job description accomplishes multiple objectives and achieves a delicate balance: It should give enough details about the role to attract the right candidates, while being concise. Here at Dynamic […]

Refine Your Recruitment Process in 14 Steps

Your recruitment process is the all-encompassing process of finding and hiring new employees for your business: From defining what your new employee needs to look like, to interviews, to onboarding your new employee. The recruitment process is long and complicated, but it’s essential to get it right to ensure your business hires the right person […]

Fixed-Term Contract or Permanent: What’s Right for Your Business?

If you’re currently looking to hire your next IT professional, there’s plenty to consider: From hiring strategies that will help you hire quickly and efficiently to the small tasks like writing job adverts that bring you quality applicants. But before all of that, you need to decide exactly what you’re looking for. Whether hiring a […]

How Do Recruitment Agencies Make Money?

Whether you’re considering working with a recruitment agency to find your next role, or if you’re a business looking to hire a new member of your team, you may be wondering how recruitment agencies make money. After all, recruitment and hiring isn’t cheap: It costs time, money, effort, and company resources. So what fees do […]

The Biggest Recruitment Challenges For IT Businesses in 2023

Businesses are facing more recruitment challenges than ever. And our reports show the IT jobs and recruitment market has slowed down in 2023, from the post-pandemic boom we have seen in recent years. But recruitment hasn’t become any cheaper. Meaning that in a competitive market, IT businesses are having to spend more time, energy, and […]

How to Give Interview Feedback: Interview Feedback Examples for 2023

For the majority of IT Professionals and all employees, the hiring process is a nightmare. A recent survey by BambooHR found that 83% of employees surveyed said that they had a bad experience during the hiring or onboarding process. The common themes included ghosting, rude hiring manager, co-workers or interviewers. Which is why it’s more […]

The 10 Step Guide To Hire IT Professionals For Your IT Team

The IT job market has become increasingly competitive, and it’s never been more important to know how to hire IT Professionals effectively for your IT team. And it’s not an easy or simple process. Which is why we’re here to give you insight on the best practices for hiring quality IT professionals for your business, […]

How To Write a Job Advert with Examples, in 2023

Everyone knows how to write a job advert. But what is a little more challenging, is knowing how to write a good job advert. A job advert that grabs attention, that makes people want the job, and gets you the best people for the job applying. Because the best candidates on the market can afford […]