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10 employee retention strategies to keep your top talent

In this opportunity-rich job market that we’re in post-pandemic, employers are facing huge problems retaining their team. So now is the time to double-check that your company is doing everything it can to boost work happiness and ultimately employee retention.   Why do employees want to leave? First of all, you want to understand why […]

Hiring Managers: How to win the war for talent

The job market has gone crazy recently! There is a war between companies trying to hire top talent for their teams. Take a moment to look at the job boards or our latest vacancies and scroll through a list of endless job opportunities, to see for yourself. In some of the advertised roles, you’ll see […]

How to conduct a remote video interview

As COVID-19 once again forces more people to work from home, remote job interviews have become increasingly common. Whilst most hiring managers have been involved in online meetings of some type before, not all of them know how to conduct a remote video interview. For your business to thrive, it’s vital that you set up […]

How to manage a Remote Team: 7 simple tips

Due to the current circumstances, the majority of teams are now working from home and for some teams, this might be for the first time. It can be difficult for many managers to come to grips with this. You may feel like you do not have as much control over the situation or find that […]

The pros & cons of Flexible Working for your business

The majority of employers now understand that offering flexible working is part of the modern workplace. Those that do offer flexibility range from remote working, part-time employment, shorter hours, flexible leave, job sharing, and career breaks. Other employers who currently offer little flexibility cannot ignore the issue forever, and it’s always best to address it […]

Tips for Recruiting during challenging times

Finding the right talent for your team is difficult at the best of times, but when times are tough (like they currently are during covid-19) it makes it just a little bit more difficult. But the most difficult of times can actually be a great opportunity to find some really top talent that usually isn’t […]

6 Essential Questions for a Recruitment Agency

People hate recruitment agencies. Business owners and hiring managers in the UK may be reluctant to work with a professional recruitment consultant because they’ve either; Had a bad experience with one in the past, or Heard a rumour that all recruiters are awful If you’re in charge of hiring at your company and you’ve been […]