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Refine Your Recruitment Process in 14 Steps

Your recruitment process is the all-encompassing process of finding and hiring new employees for your business: From defining what your new employee needs to look like, to interviews, to onboarding your new employee. The recruitment process is long and complicated, but it’s essential to get it right to ensure your business hires the right person […]

How To Write a Job Advert with Examples, in 2023

Everyone knows how to write a job advert. But what is a little more challenging, is knowing how to write a good job advert. A job advert that grabs attention, that makes people want the job, and gets you the best people for the job applying. Because the best candidates on the market can afford […]

CCNP Certification: Is it worth it in 2023?

What is the CCNP? The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) is Cisco’s professional-level networking certification, and the next step for the IT professionals working on who have completed their CCNA. It is a more advanced certification that requires deeper understanding of networks. Unlike the more general CCNA, the CCNP allows you to specialise into the […]

Here’s Why Your Hiring Process Isn’t Working

The way we live out our work life is very different to how our grandparents – and even our parents – lived theirs. We no longer commit to one company for 50 years, work our way up the ranks and retire with a pension and a gold watch. Instead, nearly half of millennials would rather […]
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