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Keep Your Preferred Supplier List, But Don’t Rely On It

Preferred Supplier List. If those three little words accurately describe how you approach hiring at your company, they could also explain how your business is placing restrictions on itself. Preferred supplier lists (PSLs) have been a major element of the recruitment process for businesses for a long time, and while many recruitment agencies might dread […]
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Here’s Why Your Hiring Process Isn’t Working

The way we live out our work life is very different to how our grandparents – and even our parents – lived theirs. We no longer commit to one company for 50 years, work our way up the ranks and retire with a pension and a gold watch. Instead, nearly half of millennials would rather […]
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Why use an IT recruitment agency?

How an IT Recruitment agency can save you time and money Using an IT recruitment agency can be a cost effective and efficient way to hire compared to in-house recruiting. Providing you’re getting the most from your recruitment partner. Recruitment is not an ongoing process (e.g. for small organisations), in-house recruitment is likely to be […]

Phone interview tips to make sure you get the job

When we think about job interviews, we often think about what we’d wear, how we’d present ourselves and the firmness of our handshake. But the truth is not all interviews involve meeting a potential employer in person, but rather a phone interview… because of this we have come up with 8 different phone interview tips […]

6 reasons why a recruitment career is for you

Recruitment is a profession which attracts a wide range of people, I’ve heard lots of reasons why people chose to join the industry, many say they ‘fell into recruitment’. Although that may be how some of us began our recruitment career, recruitment offers a varied nature of work, rewarding benefits and could be the career […]