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How IT Businesses Hire the Best IT Talent During a Recession

The cost-of-living crisis in 2022-2023 had a huge impact on hiring and recruitment within IT and Technology, and across every area in the UK. And some IT Businesses have continued to scale back or halt their recruitment in 2024 as we enter a recession. But this also creates an opportunity for businesses to expand their […]

The 10 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications and Qualifications

The tech and IT industry has continued to grow in recent years, making it a fantastic time to be starting your career in IT. The UK government has committed to more investment into the UK tech sector, with more unicorn-status companies than anywhere in Europe, and the Digital Skills Council created to address the growing […]

How to Improve your IT Businesses Employee Onboarding Process

An established employee onboarding process is crucial to the success of your business. Without one, you can find yourselves struggling to maintain your employee headcount, and you can forget about growing sustainably all together. In fact, a bad onboarding process can cost your business between 90% and 200% of the new employee’s salary. For example […]

10 Ways to Improve Front-End Security and Not Get Hacked

In today’s digital age, we have become reliant on web applications for daily tasks like online shopping, social media, and financial transactions. However, the more sensitive information shared and stored online, the more critical front-end security has become.  Front-end security is the first line of defense against potential attacks, helping protect the client side of […]

The State of the UK Technology Job Market in 2023

Despite a decline in the second half of the year for open job vacancies in the UK, 2023 still looks like a great time to be looking for your next IT role. Vacancies remain higher than they ever were pre-pandemic and salaries continue to rise in line with the demand for qualified and skilled IT […]

IT Interview Questions and Answers With Examples

It’s never been a better time to be searching for your next job in IT. Here at Dynamic, we’ve witnessed first-hand how hot the Network, Infrastructure and Cyber Security job market is. Currently there are more open vacancies than in any other year, as business continue to recover from the pandemic.  But with these opportunities, […]

Q3 – The UK Tech Job Market Analysis

The UK Tech job market is continuing to rebound from the pandemic. Meaning it’s a great time to be looking for your new job in Networking and Infrastructure. But the good times might not last forever. This quarter we’ve seen the amount of open job vacancies in the UK falling for the first quarter since […]

BT Strikes and the Network and Infrastructure Industry

The rising cost-of-living crisis and ever-increasing inflation is effecting everyone. It’s this inflation that has led to over 40,000 BT workers and members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to take part in ongoing strikes over pay disputes with BT. These are the first strikes BT have experienced in 35 years. However the strikes have […]

10 computer security tips to stay safe online

Malicious links, phishing, and viruses have made the internet a dangerous place. Data breaches are becoming more common, putting unsuspecting users at greater risk than ever. Users need basic tips that can help them stay alert and safe online when a single click can cost thousands of pounds. Here are 10 cyber security tips to […]

Best online learning platforms for Networking professionals

A simple guide to online learning for networking professionals. Perfect for experienced IT professionals looking to develop their skillset and beginners looking to find out more about the industry.   We live in a world where you can almost learn anything you want online. But, how can you learn about IT networks online? Whether you’re […]