Network Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

As an IT Recruitment Agency, we have our candidates going into Network Engineer interviews on a daily basis. Because of this, we have used our experience to provide you with a few essential Network Engineer interview questions and how to answer them.   Preparing for Your Interview As with any job interview, it is important […]


LAN, which stands for local area network, and WAN, which stands for wide area network, are two types of networks that allow for interconnectivity between computers. As the naming conventions suggest, LANs are for smaller, more localized networking — in a home, business, school, etc. — while WANs cover larger areas, such as cities, and […]

Contract vs Permanent | What you need to know

Contract vs Permanent Contracting is sometimes seen as the holy grail of IT work. With earning potential that can be double the wage of permanent staff, it can seem very tempting. But is contracting really that covetable? What is best for you Contract vs Permanent? It is not a myth that you can earn more […]
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What makes a successful IT contractor?

As well as prerequisite business and technical skills, there a number of character traits you’ll need to possess (or improve upon) to become a successful long-term IT contractor. IT contracting isn’t for everyone. According to a fairly recent estimate*, there are around 120,000 IT / Telecoms contractors in the UK – representing around 14% of […]

How to become Cisco CCNA Security Certified

CCNA Security Overview Before getting to know all the details about the CCNA certification, first find out what is the difference between the CCNA and the CCNA Security credential. The CCNA certificate validates the candidate’s early networking skills and expertise in a career domain. It is a one-step leveled higher certification than the CCENT (Cisco Certified […]