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12 Interview Body Language Tips

Is your body language in your interview something that you think about? Probably not. And it’s no surprise. Because when you’re preparing for an interview, the first things you generally think of are the possible interview questions you’ll have to answer or preparing for any tasks you have to complete in the process. But your […]

How To Write a follow-up Email After the Interview

Why Should You Send a follow-up Email After your Interview? A follow-up email after your interview is all about helping you stand out from the crowd of other interviewees that the recruiter or hiring manager has seen. If a hiring manager has interviewed 10 applicants in a day, the ones they are most likely to […]

The Dos & Don’ts of a Tech Job Interview from the Experts

Jump to: Before the interview During the interview After the interview Twitter’s tips What not to do Contact Dynamic Sweaty palms and a last-minute rush to the toilet are normal before an interview – no matter how many you’ve attended throughout the course of your career. In an IT or technical interview where it’s important […]