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How Blue Is Your “Blue Monday?”

So, blue Monday is upon us again, each year it rolls around and each year it has me thinking about why this day in the year people feel at their worst. It’s just the same as every other Monday, or is it?

Ask yourself? What influences the way you feel about your work week? What are you measuring against how you feel about your job? and what outside influences are having an impact on how you feel, but also, how do you know for sure? Is it really all that bad?


No doubt over the last 6 months you will have considered moving or been contacted about moving jobs. If you were unsure at the time or perhaps even slightly tempted to take a look, there will have been a reason why. How do you know it’s not a case of the grass always greener or is it just a different shade?

If you’re unsure how you’re feeling, a method that I have recommended to people in the past is a “Fulfilment Diary”.


Start by tracking your working week… set a reminder in your calendar for the end of the working day and score how you’re feeling out of 5.

1 being extremely undervalued and unfulfilled, 5 being valued and fulfilled. Make a note of why you’re feeling that way. Get a good piece of data, 20 working days gives you a whole month’s worth and includes at least one payday.

Scoring matrix

100 – 80 You love your job

80 – 60 You’re happy in your job but could something be improved?

60 – 40 You’re ticking over and need a change, either internally or externally

40 > GET OUT!

Review your scores and reasons why, this should give you a great overview as to how you REALLY feel about your job. Perhaps you will identify common trends that need changing or the things you really like to do, maybe you need to move jobs, or perhaps it’s not all that bad?


Author: John Marks

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