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The Reality of Working in Recruitment

Curious about the reality of life when working in recruitment? To give you insight into what it’s really like, we’re speaking to John Marks, Director of Dynamic Search Solutions, to find out about the reality of working in recruitment. How much can I earn as a Recruitment Consultant? How much you can earn as a […]

Everything You Need to Know About SC Clearance for IT Jobs

Wondering how to get Security Check (SC) Clearance for your next IT Job? You’ve come to the right place. As an IT recruitment agency, we regularly work with businesses that require their IT professionals to have SC Clearance due to the nature of their work and the businesses they work with.  But obtaining it can […]

How Dynamic Solved Long-Term Hiring Needs for International AV Integrator – Case Study

(Due to this being an on-going partnership, the client discussed in this case study has asked to remain anonymous.) The Client The client is a tier 1, Audio-Visual Integrator. A business with over 1,000 employees in various international office locations, that provides solutions including video conferencing, audio-visual integration, cloud solutions and unified communications. The client […]

How IT Businesses Hire the Best IT Talent During a Recession

The cost-of-living crisis in 2022-2023 had a huge impact on hiring and recruitment within IT and Technology, and across every area in the UK. And some IT Businesses have continued to scale back or halt their recruitment in 2024 as we enter a recession. But this also creates an opportunity for businesses to expand their […]

Everything You Need for a Career as a SOC Analyst in 2024

Looking to start, or progress in your career as a SOC Analyst? You’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be discussing exactly what a SOC Analyst is, does, and how to become one. The cyber security sector is continuing to grow, with a report from GOV.UK showing a 10% (5,300) increase in employees in […]

The 10 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications and Qualifications

The tech and IT industry has continued to grow in recent years, making it a fantastic time to be starting your career in IT. The UK government has committed to more investment into the UK tech sector, with more unicorn-status companies than anywhere in Europe, and the Digital Skills Council created to address the growing […]

The Best Cyber Security Certifications for Your Career in 2024

The cyber security sector is continuing to grow, with a report from GOV.UK showing a 10% (5,300) increase in employees in the cyber security sector, in the past 12 months in the UK alone. Meaning that cyber security professionals are in more demand than ever. But to get these jobs, you’re going to need certification […]

How to Improve your IT Businesses Employee Onboarding Process

An established employee onboarding process is crucial to the success of your business. Without one, you can find yourselves struggling to maintain your employee headcount, and you can forget about growing sustainably all together. In fact, a bad onboarding process can cost your business between 90% and 200% of the new employee’s salary. For example […]

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