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Tech UK Job Market: June Update

The tech job market here in the UK is the best state it has even been for IT professionals. Job vacancies continue to rise here in the UK, and it’s never been a better time to be looking for your next job: But how long can we expect this growth to last? This June we […]

Everything You Need To Know About Counter Offers

If you’ve received a counter offer, it means you’ve accepted a new job and handed in your notice. So congratulations, but it’s not over yet.  When you receive your counter offer it can be tempting to stay. After all it’s no small task saying farewell to the colleagues you’ve worked with and the job you’ve […]

Graduate Careers: My First Month Working in Recruitment

We’ve spoken to Graduate Recruitment Consultant, Tom Kehoe, to find out what it’s been like for him starting a new job as a recruiter, why he chose a career in recruitment, and what he’s looking forward to most. What made you apply for a role at Dynamic? Before starting here at Dynamic, I’d been in […]

How To Become CCNP Certified in 2022

What is the CCNP? The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) is Cisco’s professional-level networking certification, and the next logical step for the majority of IT professionals who have completed their CCNA. It is a more advanced certification that requires deeper understanding of networks. Unlike the more general CCNA, the CCNP allows you to specialise into […]

Negotiating a Notice Period: Everything you need to know

Notice periods are getting longer. At Dynamic we’ve seen notice periods go from the 1-2 months in previous years, to 3 month notice periods becoming the most common. But when it comes to negotiating a notice period, you as the employee have more power than ever. It’s a candidate driven market, which means more jobs […]

How To Become CCNA Certified in 2022

What is the CCNA? The Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the first and most important steps in a career in networking. It is often the foundational certification many Networking professionals obtain before specialising later. A CCNA shows you understand the basics of networking. Certifications like this are what many employers we […]

How Blue Is Your “Blue Monday?”

So, blue Monday is upon us again, each year it rolls around and each year it has me thinking about why this day in the year people feel at their worst. It’s just the same as every other Monday, or is it? Ask yourself? What influences the way you feel about your work week? What […]

New Year, New Job? Find your dream job in 2022

As we all return to work after the holidays, you’re not alone if you realise that your current job isn’t right for you. Whether it’s because you no longer enjoy your role, the company isn’t a good fit, or you just feel like it’s time for a change, acknowledging this feeling is the first step […]

10 computer security tips to stay safe online

Malicious links, phishing, and viruses have made the internet a dangerous place. Data breaches are becoming more common, putting unsuspecting users at greater risk than ever. Users need basic tips that can help them stay alert and safe online when a single click can cost thousands of pounds. Here are 10 cyber security tips to […]

10 employee retention strategies to keep your top talent

In this opportunity-rich job market that we’re in post-pandemic, employers are facing huge problems retaining their team. So now is the time to double-check that your company is doing everything it can to boost work happiness and ultimately employee retention.   Why do employees want to leave? First of all, you want to understand why […]