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6 reasons why a recruitment career is for you

Recruitment is a profession which attracts a wide range of people, I’ve heard lots of reasons why people chose to join the industry, many say they ‘fell into recruitment’. Although that may be how some of us began our recruitment career, recruitment offers a varied nature of work, rewarding benefits and could be the career for you.

Here are six reasons why a recruitment career is the right choice for you:

1. Great development opportunities & career progression

Extensive training and opportunities to learn from colleagues at your desk help you grow and develop your skills, not just when you’re first starting out, but throughout your recruitment career. These skills matched with hard work and you’ll be on the path towards recognition and progression. If you are a dedicated person and have the right attitude, recruitment is a profession where you can progress quickly.


2. Freedom and support to grow

Running your own recruitment desk is like running your own business. When you’re ready, you will have the opportunity to run your own client and candidate base. You can make your own success, and at the same time share in the success of your recruitment agency as a whole. It’s a great balance of running your own desk, whilst having the support of the wider business.


3. Uncapped earning potential

No matter your base salary, commission structures mean you have UNLIMITED earning potential. With no commission cap, you can reap the rewards for all your own success.


4.You can have a positive affect on peoples lives

The impact you can have on peoples lives is extremely rewarding. Whether that is finding someone their dream job or helping a client hire the perfect person to grow their business, being a recruiters gives you the opportunity to have a positive affect on peoples lives.


5. Recruitment tools are evolving

Technology has revolutionised the world of recruitment. Tools like LinkedIn have made it easier to be more proactive and find the best candidates for your clients. It’s one of the best performing platforms to fill jobs and there are always new techniques to learn. Digital platforms are making it much easier to make initial contact before talking to people and building relationships.


6. You can be innovative

You are constantly competing in the recruitment industry. Whether it’s between industry competitors to fill the client’s job, or between your colleagues to be the top biller in the office, it’s easy to get a kick out of the competition. Friendly competition certainly keeps you motivated and makes you strive to do the best job you can.


Are you interested in a Recruitment career?

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